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  • Picture yourself captivating the room, with every eye glued to you, hanging on your every word.
  • Envision radiating unshakeable confidence, your inner doubts silenced, as you command the stage.
  • Visualize your speech flowing effortlessly from your lips, each point recalled with stunning clarity—no notes needed.
  • Imagine connecting with your audience on a profound level, your authenticity forging bonds of trust with every sentence.
  • See in your mind’s eye a sea of engaged faces, attentively nodding, completely absorbed by your narrative.
  • Dream of crafting slides so compelling, they don't just support your message—they amplify it.
  • Feel the thrill of knowing you've made a memorable impact, leaving an indelible mark on every listener's heart.
  • Conjure up the moment you receive that nod of approval from upper management, acknowledging your standout performance.
  • Fast-track your professional journey as you become known for your standout presentation skills—watch opportunities come to you.

Meet Dave Mac

Facilitator, Trainer, Speaker

Your Guide in the Art of Public Speaking

Hello, I'm Dave Mac.

With years of experience in public speaking and communication training, I'm here to guide you on your journey to becoming a more effective and confident speaker.

Unlock the Power of Persuasion with Dave Mac:

Unleash Your Inner Speaker and Captivate Every Room

Hello, Visionary,

Welcome to a pivotal moment in your journey - a moment that Dave Mac, the maestro of presentations, guarantees will change the trajectory of your public speaking future.

You're Standing on the Brink of a Breakthrough!

Time is of the essence, and not a tick of the clock can be spared.

Let’s dive right in...

Imagine possessing the prowess to elevate your presentation skills beyond your wildest dreams (and yes, you're in the right place to do just that).

Ready to embody confidence like second nature?

Eager to eradicate the dread of public speaking?

Hungry to craft presentations that don’t just speak but resonate?

You're holding the key to a treasure trove of transformative insights.

The Unvarnished Reality of Conquering the Crowd

I'm Dave Mac, and in another life, I was just like you—haunted by the specter of stage fright.

Whether it was one person or a crowd of hundreds, the mere thought tied my tongue in knots, and the fear of judgment was a shadow I couldn't shake.

My career hinged on my ability to present, and there I was, battling the grip of anxiety, counting ceiling tiles instead of sheep.

But that's not where the story ends...

From Underdog to Undeniable: The Idea That Shook My World

I stood at a crossroads, desperate for change. That's when a spark of inspiration struck—a seemingly outlandish strategy to shed the weight of expectation and "fake" confidence until it became my reality.

My circle of friends, they scoffed at the notion.

"You and public speaking? That's a square peg, round hole situation," they jeered.

"Give it up, Dave. It's just not you."

But surrender was a word missing from my vocabulary. Accept defeat? That was never an option.

I had this flicker of an idea that refused to die—because the alternative was a lifetime chained to my fears. 

A Single Idea: My Catalyst for Unprecedented Confidence

Then came the moment of truth. With little more than a hunch, I stepped up to the podium, my heart a metronome of trepidation. But I had a secret weapon...

And what do you know? My confidence didn't just climb; it soared, eclipsing every doubt like a rocket leaving Earth's atmosphere.

With each new presentation, I honed my approach, my confidence burgeoning with the finesse of a seasoned sculptor chipping away at marble.

That one ingenious concept didn't just change the game—it changed my life.

As I approached the stage, smirks were etched on faces in the crowd. But as I spoke, skepticism melted into respect. 

By the end, I wasn't just delivering a presentation; I was delivering an experience.

An experience where fear dissipated and passion took center stage, captivating the audience until the very last word.

Unveiling the Strategy That Skyrocketed My Confidence and Captivated Audiences

It was as if I had unlocked a secret chamber within myself, one that poured forth a newfound, magnetic confidence - and suddenly, I wasn't just heard; I was felt by everyone in the room.

Their applause was just the beginning.

As the last word hung in the air, a line formed—not for critiques, but for congratulations. I was humbled by handshakes, and amidst the praise, one remark stood out: "That was like a live TED Talk."

But let’s pause for a second - what was my presentation about?

Believe it or not, the subject was secondary. The real alchemy lay in the execution, in that 'wild idea' that had once seemed too audacious to entertain.

Now, think about your own upcoming presentation.

Can you see yourself stepping into that realm of unwavering confidence?

Can you imagine holding the room in the palm of your hand, free from the shackles of anxiety and stress?

With the very same 'wild idea' that revolutionized my approach, you can - and the path

begins right here.

Is This Strategy the Missing Piece in Your Professional Toolkit?

Discover if You're the Perfect Candidate for This Presentation Game-Changer:

  • Picture this: You're the go-to person when your team needs a voice in meetings. Ready to own that role with confidence?
  • Ever felt the dread of being "volunteered" to present and wish you could turn it around to your advantage? Here's how.
  • Up for a promotion and need to showcase your leadership through a compelling presentation? Let's ensure your success.
  • Tasked with leading a training session and want to leave a lasting impression? Transform nervous energy into dynamic delivery.
  • Has the spotlight turned to you to present your project findings? Stand out with a presentation that's as remarkable as your work.
  • Suddenly in the social club's limelight or facing a crowd at an event? Captivate them with ease.
  • Need to rally your colleagues behind your vision? Persuasion can be an art form—master it with a simple shift.
  • If the thought of speaking confidently in front of others seems like a career-defining hurdle, let's turn that barrier into a springboard.
  • Fed up with the stomach-churning anxiety that comes with presentation duties? It's time for a new narrative.
  • Facing an interview that could change your life and requires a persuasive presentation? Make it an unforgettable one—for the right reasons.
  • Do the pre-presentation jitters keep you from a good night’s sleep, haunted by 'what-ifs'? Let's rewrite your nighttime script.
  • In sales and need to hit those numbers? Imagine if every pitch you made was as compelling as your best one yet.
  • Simply want to be the speaker who can hold a room, captivate an audience, and leave a memorable impact? Start that journey today.

With this secret, you're not just preparing for your next presentation.

You're setting the stage for a career where your voice is your most powerful asset.

Let's unleash that potential together.

If you found yourself nodding "yes" to any of the above scenarios, then you're precisely who I had in mind when I crafted my groundbreaking concept.

You're on the cusp of accessing my vault of strategies in an exclusive video training program: PresentationOS.

Before we unveil the curtain to this transformative experience, let's set the stage for the revelation that awaits...

You're on the cusp of accessing my vault of strategies in an exclusive video training program: PresentationOS.

Before we unveil the curtain to this transformative experience, let's set the stage for the revelation that awaits...

Why Falling for Outdated "Guru" Advice Might Be Holding You Back

Let's face it - I've been where you are.

Trapped in the maze of so-called expert advice, clinging to the hope that these "proven" tactics would be my ticket to presentation prowess.

I've sat where you've sat, in those seminars that promise the moon, only to leave you feeling more lost in space than ever.

I've walked the walk, trying their scripts, their rigid cue cards, their awkward eye-contact tricks.

And let me tell you, the struggle was real.

The fear? It clung to me like a shadow.

The confidence? It was as shaky as a house of cards.

The audience engagement? It fizzled out faster than a damp sparkler.

And my slides? Let's not go there.

But here's what the "guru-experts" won't tell you - here are the 6 classic blunders they preach:

  • Crafting your speech into a rigid script to memorize and parrot back - more robot than human.
  • Clinging to a stack of cue cards like a lifeline, only to lose your place and your nerve.
  • Staring blankly over heads, pretending to connect when really, you're just looking lost.
  • Letting a PowerPoint slide deck lead the way, turning your talk into a slideshow narration.
  • Choreographing every gesture, until your body language screams 'rehearsed' rather than 'real'.
  • Resorting to that tired old trope of envisioning the audience in their birthday suits - awkward, outdated, ineffective.

These aren't just bad techniques - they're the fast track to an unremarkable presentation that undermines your true potential.

Now, let's clear the stage for something radically different - strategies that will elevate you from an amateur to an applauded speaker with unwavering confidence.

The Presentation That Shattered My Dreams

Witness the Turning Point That Redefined My Future

There was a time when my ambitions were simple - I didn't aspire to conquer the world, just to ascend one rung higher on the corporate ladder.

I was eager, passionate, and ready to make a difference.

I saw my team, like a machine that could be fine-tuned to perfection, and I had the blueprint.

It was my chance to shine - to show that I was more than a cog in the wheel.

With a zeal that bordered on obsession, I toiled over my proposal.

Nights turned into mornings, weekends slipped away.

I was the last to leave, the first to arrive, driven by a vision of efficiency and teamwork.

I poured everything into those pages - a strategic symphony of ideas.

But when the moment came to unveil my magnum opus...

The Dream Crumbled Before My Eyes

An Ambition, Silenced by a Sea of Indifference

My words, meant to inspire change, faltered and fell flat.

Faces in the room faded to disinterest, watches ticked like time bombs, and the silence afterward was deafening.

My labor of love was dismissed, forgotten - my aspirations with it.

Fast forward, and the stage was set for another.

"Joe" stepped into the light, the epitome of charm and confidence.

As he began, my anticipation turned to shock, then to seething rage.

It was my vision, repackaged with a charismatic bow.

The Heist of My Hard Work

In Plain Sight, My Vision Was Reborn - Under Another's Name

He had done little more than sand the edges of my creation, yet there he stood, basking in the glow of rapt attention and admiration.

My sacrifices, my lost time - it was all there, but it was "Joe" in the spotlight.

The Breath Stolen from My Lungs

The Painful Revelation That It Wasn't Just About the Idea

No one recognized the theft because no one had heard me - truly heard me - the first time.

Who received the accolades?

Who stepped up the ladder?

Who was toasted by all?

It was "Joe"—Mr. Charisma himself.

And the lesson was as clear as it was harsh:

The finest of ideas remain voiceless without the power of presentation.

You can invent, create, imagine - but without the skill to showcase your brilliance, it remains in the shadows.

"Joe" knew how to market, how to sell the sizzle along with the steak.

I was left with the raw end of the deal, fueled by a burning need to never let that happen again.

And now, I stand before you, sharing not just a story, but a catalyst for change - because I know you've felt it too.

Let's embark on this journey of transformation together, so the next time you present, it's your name they'll remember, your ideas they'll celebrate, and your vision that will lead the way.

Unlock the Power of Presence with PresentationOS

Visualize Your Transformation:

Poised, Persuasive, and Unstoppable

Imagine a world where the very thought of presenting fuels you with excitement, not dread.

  • Picture yourself stepping onto the stage, a bastion of confidence, every pair of eyes locked onto yours.
  • Visualize your memory as an unbreakable vault, each point of your speech etched in crystal clarity.
  • Feel the warmth of your audience’s smiles, their nods of agreement as you speak truths.
  • Hear the chorus of your colleagues’ praises, see the approving nod from your boss, sense the career doors swinging wide open for you.

A Glimpse into the Heart of PresentationOS

The Insights That Will Forge Your Path to Speaking Excellence

Inside PresentationOS, you’ll uncover a trove of strategies designed to elevate your speaking game:

  • Master 3 straightforward techniques to extinguish stage fright and embody the epitome of cool, collected charisma.
  • Learn the critical opener that sets the pros apart from the amateurs, making a memorable impact from your first word.
  • Harness a nifty mnemonic device that makes recalling your speech feel like second nature.
  • Discover the effortless way to break the ice, dissolve tension, and have your audience leaning in from the get-go.
  • Unveil a breakthrough tactic that wins trust instantaneously, banishing any hint of nervous tremors in your voice.
  • Find out how to swiftly transition from nerves to nirvana, owning the stage with a relaxed, commanding presence.
  • Decode the secrets of speakers who dazzle with minimal prep, and learn how you can replicate their success.
  • Keep your audience riveted, transforming even the driest material into a compelling narrative.
  • Access cerebral shortcuts that supercharge your brain’s performance under the spotlight, ensuring smooth, articulate delivery.
  • Arm yourself with a confidence-boosting contingency for those times when things don’t go as planned.
  • Construct a fail-safe presentation outline that guides you, ensuring you hit every key point with precision.

A Sneak Peek at the 5 Dynamic Modules of PresentationOS Video Training

Module 1: Build - 3 Videos, 3 Worksheets

Embark on a journey to construct your presentation with innovative techniques that will make you forget PowerPoint ever existed.

Module 2: Confidence - 2 Videos, 2 Worksheets

Banish stage fright to the annals of history and commence every speech with undeniable confidence.

Module 3: Impact - 4 Videos, 4 Worksheets

Employ step-by-step formulas to captivate your audience, leaving them hanging on your every word.

Module 4: Design - 2 Videos, 2 Worksheets

Revolutionize your slide design, turning each slide into a visual punch that reinforces your message.

Module 5: Close - 2 Videos, 2 Worksheets

Perfect the art of the closing, addressing questions in a way that cements trust and leaves a lasting impression.

And There’s Even More Within PresentationOS

  • Flip the script on lackluster slides with a simple hack that turns them into visual storytelling gems.
  • Discover the underlying flaw with most slide decks and how to harness this insight for presentations that get talked about.
  • Break away from the misguided "guru" advice and create a genuine, powerful connection with your audience by doing the exact opposite.
  • Activate immediate engagement with three key triggers that don’t involve a single slide.
  • Navigate challenging questions with poise, ensuring your presentation’s integrity remains intact.
  • Avoid the common body language pitfalls that scream 'novice' and learn how to carry yourself like a seasoned speaker.
  • Say goodbye to inner turmoil and embrace the calm, cool, collected speaker within you.
  • Reveal the insider tactics of TED talkers for a seamless delivery that appears effortlessly polished.

With PresentationOS, you’re not just learning to speak—you’re learning to resonate, to influence, and to lead. Welcome to the beginning of your most persuasive self.

Real Success Stories from People Just Like You

I'm on the verge on getting a job after 10 whole years!


Dave, you are the best, my brother.

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This program is simply amazing!


For someone who has always been a very anxious and troubled public speaker, PresentationOS was a life saver.

Whether you are a business professional or simply a person looking to improve their speaking skills, PresentationOS is for you. This program is simply amazing!

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Aloha Dave – I’ve completed your PresentationOS course. Now I’m excited to start creating my presentations!

Thank you for making the process of creating powerful presentations less intimidating.

Outstanding results!


Dave is an exceptional coach who is able to transform the worst public speaker into the best.

His coaching techniques are one of a kind. They are very easy to implement with outstanding results.

Is PresentationOS Right for You? Let's Find Out:

For those who thrive on stress and over-preparation, look away now...

If the idea of poring over every word, wrestling with anxiety, and rehearsing until dawn is your idea of a perfect preparation, then PresentationOS might not align with your style.

If you're set on delivering presentations filled with stiff pauses, forced gestures, and rigidly scripted lines, then perhaps the traditional, labor-intensive "guru" methods are more your speed.

However, if you desire a transformation...

  • Are you yearning to break free from the shackles of pre-presentation stress and the endless cycle of anxiety?
  • Do you want to communicate with your audience in a way that feels natural, authentic, and engaging?
  • Is stepping onto the stage with an air of cool, unshakable confidence on your wish list?
  • Are you eager to connect with your listeners on a deeper level, earning their trust and attention?
  • Do you envision a room where your words aren't just heard, but believed and acted upon by your audience?
  • If these are the changes you seek, then PresentationOS is crafted precisely for you.
  • Need to rally your colleagues behind your vision? Persuasion can be an art form—master it with a simple shift.

If the thought of speaking confidently in front of others seems like a career-defining hurdle, let's turn that barrier into a springboard.

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Emergency Tactics Quick-Start Guide

Embark on your PresentationOS journey and become a master of impactful, confident presentations.

But what if you’re up against the clock with a presentation looming tomorrow?

This is where the Emergency Tactics Quick-Start Guide becomes your secret weapon.

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Push-Button Presentations Book

Secure your copy of PresentationOS today and we’ll also gift you the "Push-Button Presentations Book."

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A tool so powerful, you’ll be amazed it’s absolutely free.

Dive into secrets for mastering your speeches - no more panic, no more fear.

Claim your copy today and transform the way you present forever.

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On-Demand Workshop - "Kill Fear, Look Confident"

Tackle stage fright head-on and radiate confidence with our exclusive, on-demand workshop "Kill Fear, Look Confident."

In just 30 minutes, learn to crush anxiety, exude confidence effortlessly, and earn your audience's trust and respect.

This powerful session is available to you free when you order today.

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Lifetime Membership to PresentationOS

With PresentationOS, not only do you gain access to transformative video training, but you also become a lifelong member.

This means you’ll receive all future updates, new techniques, expert advice, and more - all at no additional cost.

A lifetime of resources to keep your presentation skills sharp, forever.

"Life-changing Transformation"

Uncover the Power of PresentationOS Without the Hefty Price Tag

You might be thinking that a program as transformative as PresentationOS comes with a hefty price. But here's the surprise – it doesn't.

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That's the true value of PresentationOS – it's an investment in a stress-free, more confident you. 

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money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

I'm confident that PresentationOS is the key to unlocking your public speaking potential. But I also understand that taking that first step might feel like a leap. That's why I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you.

Embark on your PresentationOS journey today. Witness firsthand as your anxieties dissolve and your confidence soars to new heights. Experience the transformation that awaits you on the other side of your fears.

However, if you find that PresentationOS doesn't live up to your expectations, if it doesn't resonate with you as being worth many times over what you paid, then I've got you covered. Simply send me an email within 30 days, and I'll ensure you receive a full refund, no questions asked. That's my promise to you.

PresentationOS is built on principles that have stood the test of time. You're about to discover your true capabilities as a speaker, and I'm confident you'll find this approach refreshingly simple compared to what you've tried before.

All that's left to do is click the "GET STARTED" button above. Begin your transformation today and never look back.

Thank you for considering this journey with PresentationOS.

       Dave Mac

           Dave Mac

At This Very Moment, You're Faced with a Decision That Could Change Everything...

Two Paths Lie Before You – The Choice Is Yours

In these next few crucial minutes, your decision will pave the way for one of two very different futures.

One road continues your current journey, a path well-trodden with familiar markers:

  • Persistent fears that shadow your every step
  • Anxiety that tightens its grip with each presentation
  • Stress that weaves its way into restless nights
  • The weight of others' judgments pressing down on you
  • Loss of respect, like sand slipping through your fingers
  • That all-too-familiar fumbling on stage
  • Words forgotten in the heat of the moment
  • The heat of embarrassment coloring your cheeks
  • Questions that trip you up, leaving you wishing for a do-over


Embrace the road less traveled, a path that leads to a future where:

  • Confidence is your constant companion, never faltering
  • Control is yours, in every word, every gesture
  • Knowledge of what to say comes as naturally as breathing

Ready to embark on this transformative journey?

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Today could be the day it all changes for you – don’t let it slip away.

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